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Global English Learning Program has been carefully designed for foreign students learning English as a first language. Our program follows a traditional North American curriculum, supporting the development of English language skills. Our faculty consists of competent professionals in the field of education, who ensure quality English instruction to our students.

Our preschool program is a total immersion to the English language. All themes, songs, basic skills are taught in English. Children develop the ability to communicate and to listen with understanding. Language Arts is taught through learning of the Alphabet and letter sounds, daily conversations, the use of flash cards, big books, and pre-reading material.

Our elementary Language Arts program is divided into three sections, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Writing. We also teach Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

We use the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt reading program, which is designed to teach reading through the whole-language approach. Students are taught to develop comprehension and writing skills and polish their pronunciation of sounds therefore reading with fluency.

From first grade up to third grade our students use Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Book. Students are taught the basic practical grammar lessons that will engage them to write complete sentences in short paragraphs. Our students are introduced to the Writing Process. We encourage our students to write from the imagination where correct spelling and grammar usage is emphasized.

From fourth grade up to seventh grade are students will be using the Write Source digital program. This program supports the Common Core writing standards. Students will be using online technology to prepare them to master the writing process, key writing forms, Six Traits, grammar, usage and mechanics.

Spelling is taught using Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary book from first grade up to seventh grade. One lesson per week is taught. Students are required to correctly spell each word, learn appropriate pronunciation, know definition and use each word correctly in a sentence.

Mathematics is taught using the Harcourt Math book beginning from third grade up to seventh grade. Students from first to second grade use MCP Mathematics Level A and MCP Mathematics Level B.

Our Social Studies program uses Harcourt Horizonseries. Lessons revolve around each grades theme. For example: Fifth grade book is about United States History, second grade About My Community.

Our Science program beginning in second grade uses Harcourt HSP Science. Students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting and living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science.

Our high school English program is divided into Literature, Vocabulary, Grammar, Composition and General Knowledge. This curriculum allows students to develop the necessary oral and written skills for academic studies in competitive North American, Canadian and European universities.

Students will be using the Holt McDougal Literature, a digitally interactive English Language Arts Program for grades eight to eleventh. Twelfth grade students have in depth novel study. They will be taught critical reading, writing, research, language and media skills. In addition to this students have in depth novel study, one per term.

Composition and grammar skills will be further developed using Write Source from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company from grades eight to twelfth.

Emphasis on acquiring new vocabulary will be obtained from the reading selections and novels.

General Knowledge consists of current events, topics in history, science, arts and entertainment discussed in class. Debates, research and presentations of specific topics are to be presented orally by students.

Grade certification will be given to each student on a yearly basis. The application of a standardized test will be administered from second to twelfth grade, measuring students’ language arts skills.

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