Global English Learning Program Teaching Philosophy

Global English Learning Program’s philosophy is to offer quality English language learning in a most efficient way through a diverse and enriched curriculum along with cultural experiences.


We are committed to enabling learners to express themselves orally and in writing. We believe in providing our students with advanced knowledge in the main subjects taught in the program through interactive learning methods.


Our elementary Language Arts program is divided into three sections, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Writing. We also teach Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

Our high school English program is divided into Literature, Vocabulary, Grammar, Composition and General Knowledge. This curriculum allows students to develop the necessary oral and written skills for academic studies in competitive North American, Canadian and European universities such as: Georgetown University, Boston College, University of California Berkeley, Boston University, Georgia Tech University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, Syracuse University, Northwestern University, The George Washington University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Cambridge, University College London, University of Manchester and Kings College London.

Global English Program

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